AGORA Integrations: Milestone X-Protect

The AGORA Milestone’s integration combines Milestone’s video analytics and alarms with AGORA’s Security Management Software, allowing video and alarm management in a single interface, helping to drastically reduce operator response time. AGORA combines Milestone X-Protect with automated scripts and procedures, adding audit and analysis tools that will elevate your security operation to the next level! […]

AGORASYS Results 2018

In 2018, AGORASYS sales increased 72% as a result of the effort and dedication of the whole team. This significant growth was due to the increase in the number of customers and the expansion of projects in existing customers. The fastest growing markets were Spain and the United Kingdom, which together accounted for 50% of […]

Cybersecurity for Companies with VMS Solutions

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for companies in all sectors, Security market included. However robust your security systems are, Human Resources, namely security operators and maintenance staff, play a crucial role in their integrity. Reduce the chances of your VMS infrastructure suffering a cyber attack by adopting a few precautions and best practices. Simple Practices […]

AGORA Integrations: Qontinuum QPSIM

AGORA provides seamless bi-directional communication with Qontinuum, combining video and procedures into one Common Operational Picture. Handle all access control situations that require intervention! Features that make a difference: Receive alarms from the QPSIM server with relevant user information (identity name, photo, group) Get video from the associated cameras, interact with other related devices; Search […]

University campuses: how to strike a balance between a relaxed atmosphere and efficient security

Security at universities is not as publicised as security at banks and casinos, which are so often attacked in Hollywood films, but the challenges it raises are also considerably complex. Security mechanisms at educational institutions, where the future of the country is formed, are of vital importance. International recognition of the quality of our universities […]

Procedures: the Route to Security

However much is invested in security technology, critical decisions are still made by the operator. Installing software that checks compliance with procedures reduces human error when responding to both routine and emergency events. Universal compliance with civic rules would be synonymous with security. In a utopia where all citizens would meet rules of ethics followed […]