AGORA in Aston University

Work in Progress: AGORA Security Management Software at the Aston University

AGORA Security Management Software is being installed in one of the largest university campuses in the UK: Aston University. This campus accommodates 13,000 students from more than 130 different countries, which entails major responsibilities for the security team.

The main advantage of this project will be the integration of alarms with video, which will allow operators to act with greater agility on the alarms. Through AGORA, they can immediately get relevant cameras, inhibit or enable a device, arm or disarm a panel, with the support of interactive floorplans.

By centralising security operations on a single platform, Aston University will no longer have dispersed information, making it possible to audit all processes. With AGORA in charge of various Building Management functions, the system will be able to measure key performance indicators, generating varied and relevant statistics.

With the integration of video, any failure that could compromise security, be it a broken camera, an offline recorder or other unforeseen events with security devices, AGORA will alert the security team. Security officers at the university will then be assured that their systems are fully operational and will perform when necessary.

Aston University can also easily add services to the security operation through AGORA. Some examples are: alarms on demand for handling everyday situations, and remote guard tours to monitor from the ARC critical checkpoints across campus.

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