Cybersecurity for Companies with VMS Solutions

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for companies in all sectors, Security market included. However robust your security systems are, Human Resources, namely security operators and maintenance staff, play a crucial role in their integrity.
Reduce the chances of your VMS infrastructure suffering a cyber attack by adopting a few precautions and best practices.

Simple Practices for companies with VMS solutions:

  • Restrict physical and network access to video surveillance cameras, video recorders and video servers to whom it is strictly necessary;
  • Always change the default passwords of all electronic devices, namely IP cameras and other security equipment;
  • Ensure that VMS operators log in to the VMS when then start their shift and log out when they end it;
  • VMS login accounts should be personal (i.e., not shared between the security team) and login passwords periodically changed;
  • Encourage the adoption of randomly generated passwords for all security equipment including your VMS;
  • Your VMS should be keeping a timestamped log of all user access and user operations: know how to access it;
  • Restrict access on your VMS workstations to USB external disks and drives, DVD recorders, Remote Desktop tools and any other way that would be an open door for third-parties to access your VMS;
  • Never connect CCTV and/or VMS components to the Internet: remote access should be provided to whom it is strictly necessary and always over secure connections, like for example VPN tunnels;


  • Enforce these practices and ensure your team knows them;
  • Include periodic cybersecurity audits in your maintenance plans.